About Toffee Pony

Toffee Pony was created out of a genuine need to help parents who are looking for ways to balance their concerns about unmediated screen time for their preschool children and the need for more social interaction.  

Founded by Sharon Israeli, a hotelier, entrepreneur and experienced mother, Toffee Pony brings together a team of psychologists, educators and child behavior experts who  are dedicated to creating a stimulating and fun educational experience for preschool children between the ages of 3-6. 

Together they saw the need for a permanent educational figure to accompany a child during the many hours they spend in front of a screen.  In most cases, screen time is usually spent alone without any interaction from other age appropriate children and without the guidance of a familiar figure. Toffee Pony is here to change all that. 

As the world’s first online preschool learning experience, Toffee Pony brings a permanent kindergarten teacher with a group of children who will have accessibility to a selection of quality and interesting content that encourages social interaction and fun. In addition, live animal shows at the zoo will keep children stimulated and entertained including personal appearances by child celebrity stars to be announced!



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